Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Plans {Little Progress}

I had big plans to get my bathroom finished by today all during naptime intervals. Anyone else do that?
First I ran out of wallpaper paste.  Apparently I have gone through an entire tub...what can I say. I ran out just before putting up the last piece. Man. 
Then the caulk tube I had was all dried up. Dang.
Today, I had the perfect opportunity to go pick up these couple of things, to finish this bathroom (that is turning into a major pain in the heiny!) and my battery in my car died. Again. Lately car issues are haunting me. Rats. 
So, I improvised and made my own wallpaper paste and at least finished one thing. 
So here is a sneak peek...
And this is what I'm currently crushing on...I wonder if I changed every drawer pull to these if it would be too much? Yeah. Probably. I'm thinking these would be pretty great in this gray bathroom though...and on the boys dressers. And my dresser. Uh oh.
Brass Label Holder

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