Thursday, May 30, 2013

Master Bathroom {Painting = Cleaning?)

I have a bad habit. Sometimes,  things just need a good scrubbing painting. Does that make sense?
It all started with me going to clean the master bathroom the other day. But before I knew it, I was slapping paint on the wall and thinking about new coordinating bath towels and dreaming of a new floor. It's a sickness really.
The bathroom still isn't clean. Or totally painted. But it's on my brain. Literally. I dreamt last night about going and buying paint (I remember the specific colors too) at Lowes. 
Yep. A Sickness. 
In the meantime, let's look at some nice, clean, already painted bathrooms and I'll show you what I'm thinking.

AM Dolce Vita
Decor Happy
I love all of these. I was thinking a light grey on the walls and a dark grey vanity, like the first picture, but I'm thinking white is the way to go. 

Decisions, decisions. And all I was supposed to do was clean it. 



Monday, May 27, 2013

With Deepest Gratitude {Memorial Day}

Today we express Gratitude for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Sons and Daughters...

Thank you.

Happy Memorial Day.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decorating {Visual Noise}

I've been drawn to tone on tone for a while now, which, looking back now at the way I used to decorate, is a big deal...for me, anyway.

Mr FF used to always say he wanted white. WHITE. WHITE. White. And I would groannnn. I need bright green! Navy blue! Sunshine yellow! My house should be my rainbow!

And it living amongst the Skittles and Rainbow Brite's.

Don't believe me?

Oh...I cringe.
 I remember thinking I did such a great job with these rooms. 

And then one day, after having my 3rd baby, I sat quietly staring at the walls. And I groannned. But this time, it was too much. Too many. Too bright. Too much visual NOISE!

So began the quieting of our space.

Did you see how much quieter it got? 

I sometimes wander if I'll ever head back to the other side.

But for now, all of the noise I need comes from all of these...

xo- Chris

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to {Make a Solar Chandelier}: The Busy Momma's Guide

I have been terrible at giving real tutorials and the solar chandelier is a perfect example at that. So I thought I would give a real tutorial, since I just splashed it up here with the worlds worst pictures (I mean really, I thought those were post worthy?) and went on my merry way. Yeah, I do that sort of thing all the time.

So, if you want to make  your own solar chandy for your patio, deck or even to hang from a tree in your garden, then let's get busy!

First, you need an ugly chandelier with good bones. Habitat for Humanity Restore and Goodwill usually have some great ones for just a few dollars.

Here was mine in it's beauty. Mr FreckleFace saw this in the back of the car and shuddered. It was $6.99. I already had the can of spray paint (I may or may not have enough paint/spray paint to stock my own store...)

 Now, I simply cut the wire going up through the chain with scissors. I did not rip out the light bulb sockets because you will need those to hold  your solar lights. 

Go ahead and spray paint that beauty any color you want. I chose red because I thought it would give the deck a little CA-POW. But you may want just a little ba-zing. Do what you'd like.

Now head to any store that sells solar lights. I headed over to Walmart and found these  - They are around ~4 each, which is a little pricey, but I was really wanting something a little sparkly. There are so many options, some even changed colors!

I thought the round was a little modern, and fun. They have a crackle glass and they are pretty even when not glowing. 

 Now, your light will come with a stem to poke into the ground. You have to pull it off to get the battery tag out, which is what will activate the bulb. So pull that stem off and toss it. Activate your bulb by yanking the tab, and get your hot glue gun plugged in. 

Because the little battery pack is on the bottom of the solar light, you want to be careful not to put glue over that. So, I just put some glue around the edge of the light stem , this will not only help it stick in the chandelier's light socket, but also make it from being lopsided. 

Now push that light down into the socket and make sure your glue is hidden. You may need to add a little more to make it stand up just right. Now just in case you are worried about wind, I used an S hook screwed into the pergola wood and just hung the chain from it. We get SERIOUS wind here, and I haven't had to take it down yet. 

Are you ready to enjoy some beauty for just a teensy amount of work? I hung my chandy from our Pergola over the table. You could hang it from a tree in a corner of your garden. Or from the center of your patio gazebo. The options are endless! 

There you have it! Now...I'm going to go make a Margarita and enjoy all of my hard work. 

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