Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kitchen Progress

I've been working as non-stop as one with 3 children and one on the way can on this kitchen. My biggest motivation is my 18 month old...she continuously takes everything out of any exposed bottom cabinets and leaves the contents all over the house. That in itself has been a job! But, naptimes are gotimes - and before I get a little more done today, I thought I'd share my progress so far.

I've been using the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Paint Sprayer that I excitedly purchased with birthday money - I LOVE it! It seems like it was the only Wagner sprayer that consistently got good ratings everywhere I looked and I found another blogger that used it too. I have loved every minute of using it. I haven't had a single problem with it's use. And Home Depot or Wagner aren't even paying me for this review. That's saying something...right?
This is an example of the fine finish the sprayer gave me. I painted the frames by hand with a brush and the final coat with a foam brush - you know those that come in a giant bag for crafting? I originally used it to get just the inside lips of the cabinets, but come to find out, it gave a smooth final finish to the frames.

 I may or may not sit in my adjoining family room and stare at the "finished" side (let's face it, there are some spots that need a final round of attention...and the other side isn't even complete yet. But if you put your hand up to block the unfinished looks pretty awesome. 

These shaker style cabinets were an upgrade by our builder - they were a Merrilat maple with a spice or cider (or something) color/finish. They looked great - until I started noticing dings and chips in the finish...and when we ripped out the linoleum and replaced with tile, it really did a job on the base trim. 

The end cabinets were covered in that weird fake wallpapery wood grain stuff. The whole back and sides of the island were covered in it too, and it drove me nuts within a year and we covered it in bead board. So I thought the end cabinets on the bottom should have bead board too. Of course on the ends of the cabinet I used Martha Stewarts Bead Board Wallpaper because it's like crack. I used the real stuff on the island, and it get's beat up, so it's a good thing...(I crack myself up). 

I have to figure out a way to hide those wires...let's ignore those for now. M 'kay'?

As any crazy girl does...I staged each finished section as I went. You do too, right?

I am super obsessed with a gray (grey?) and white kitchen right now, and was going to do all the lowers in grey (gray?), but then I wondered if I should...and the voices got louder. So instead, I painted my island Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart (matched at Lowes...because it's closer). I was going to do Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore, but it didn't feel right in my space. I love the contrast. 

And as every good project does...I ran into some issues. I may or may not have solved them, but I'm ignoring them for now. I have no clue what happened, but it was annoying and made me want to throw up give up. 

Did I mention that I am doing this project ALL. BY. MYSELF. 100% friends...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let the fun begin!!!

It's official!! The chaos has started! I do not like a messy kitchen...I don't like ANYTHING on the counters. I don't like exposed, messy cabinets. With that said, I'm thinking that I may get this kitchen thing done quicker than I I can hide the mess that lurks behind my cabinets.

I am doing a section of the kitchen at a time - I figured that would be more manageable, since I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I thought this also would help me feel like I have accomplished something when one section is complete. So I have started on the small section next to my refrigerator. 

I realized that after the first coat of primer goes on - a quick remorse sets in. It lingers until the second coat of paint. Then I get giddy at the idea of a white kitchen.

So the after isn't much of an after. Yet. But it's progress! Today I am going to get my birthday present...a HVLP paint sprayer. My kids looked at me like I was nuts. But I'm hoping that spraying the doors and painting the frames will be the way to go. 

I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

White Kitchen Inspiration

I'm digging deep to find just an ounce of energy to start my working on my kitchen project. I don't care if I chip away at it all summer - but I just can't even peel myself off of the floor couch to get the cabinets prepped. I normally have so much energy and a girl gets used to that. So while I've been in a coma like state growing this little peanut from scratch, I've found some time to dig around on Pinterest and try to inspire myself off the didn't help that I was graciously invited into some beautiful white kitchens yesterday that sparked my desire for a white kitchen even more. They were timeless and classic and so, so pretty. I wish I could have snuck a few pics without looking stupid. So, in the meantime...

I'm happy to report that I did a little deglossing. One small section of cabinet. And then decided to go order more of Martha's bead board wallpaper...progress my friends. A little at a time. You never know. My goal is to start and finish one wall of cabinets at a time, starting with the shortest wall.

I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th!