Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY Free Artwork {Restoration Hardware Inspired}

Why is it that I feel most inspired to make changes around the house when I don't have the resources to put toward changes to the house. Gah! 

So the challenge was on as I continued on my "use what I have" rule.  I am SO tickled with the way that everything turned out. I hinted at working on the boys room on Facebook (come on over and follow me!) and have mentioned the room here and here.

 The boys use the old dresser my sister and I had when we were kids. They are just plain old cheapy pine dressers - and aren't built to stand the test of time. One of the drawers finally was on it's last leg and was on the verge of making L boy craaaaazy.  While working on the dresser, I pulled the drawer out thinking of other plans for the hole. I realized the broken piece would be perfect for an art piece. 

 You're with me, right?

Here was my inspiration.

 I didn't want mine to be the same, it just gave me an idea. Those are usually my famous last words.

Using wallpaper paste and bookpages (both of which I already had), I started gluing pages to the board until it was covered.

 Then I just free handed the letters using a pencil, then went back over those lines with a sharpie.

 I filled in the lines with the sharpie because I wanted it to look sharp like a printed page, as opposed to painted.

That's all there is to that! EASY PEASY, FREE and environmentally friendly to boot! It's big too, so it makes a statement. Stay tuned because the final result is pretty awesome.

You could use anything for this - $1 foam board from the Dollar Store, cover in pages, glue a string on the back and write the word of your choice. It doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful! 

Here's a sneak peak at what I have been working on in this room.

Oh yes I did.


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