Thursday, March 28, 2013

Painting the Deck {Opening a can of worms}

You know how when  you have a project to do, and every intention of starting AND finishing the project, other things somehow pop up that you have to get finished too. Ok, finished isn't the right word. Started is the right word for sure. Because let me assure you, nothing is finished. I came to this realization when I had a play group here the other day and found myself saying "yeah, that isn't done" more times than I care to count.

After writing my last post, I had every intention of starting and finishing refreshing/repainting/re-everything the deck. And I started. But I have to do everything during naptime, and by the time I got to having to move the grill and the picnic table, well, time was up. And then the next day it rained. And it has rained a drop or two most days since then, or, I haven't found time to do it.

If you look out this window it look finished!

 Why didn't I find time (my husband asks constantly because he is tired of looking at umpteen unfinished projects that have similar stories)? Well, you's because I started another one when I couldn't finish the first one. I decided it would be a good time to spray paint a thrifted chandelier that I have big plans for.

And then a baby woke up.  

So, then the bathroom cabinet in the kids/guest bathroom was really looking dinged up I thought to myself. So I started just the end of the cabinet.
See that paint can "hiding" down by the toilet hoping no one will notice it? Geez-hello super terrible picture!
 And then a baby woke up.

Even before I decided the deck needed work (I blame the nice weather!) I finally had it with my disaster of a closet. Disaster isn't the right word. I blamed the horrible wire racks the builder put in. 
And then...well, the baby got sick. 

You see the pattern, right? I could probably count about 8 more of these with my eyes closed. 

 So, if you find yourself thinking, how does one get all of these things done with 4 littles, I don't know. Because I don't get them done either. In between laundry, vacuuming, meals, and many multiple etc's., I find just enough time to begin something. And that's it.

But you know what? I would rather start something (and eventually find the time to finish itthan never start it at all, waiting for the perfect opportunity, the perfect idea, the perfect whatever.  

And just because the baby went to sleep, I ran up and actually finished a project! I KNOW!!! Ok, actually, it still needs a couple things. 





Sunday, March 17, 2013

Randomness {Spring is here!}

I am still here - blogging has taken a short term backseat until I get my sea legs again. This little baby and the bigger baby require so much time that I rarely have time to get my thoughts together enough to put a blog post together. 

Let's face it, I haven't even been able to do much that is interesting enough to blog about. Nope, not so interesting. I have done a few projects that are quick and fun...but man, sitting down to right the post, every single time...a baby cries. Oh my. I don't want to miss a second of the little sleepy baby spit bubbles and dreamy smiles I've tried to do less projects around the house and just sit and stare at little faces. 

In my brain, however, I have put together several blog posts. Now that our old laptop is fixed, I don't have to give myself carpel tunnel trying to one finger type on my I-phone...seriously. painful. 

And now begins the randomness.

I've taken up freezer cooking since baby #4 was born

...why did it take me so long?! It's amazing...well, as amazing as filling your freezer with food can be. But it really is a huge time and money saver, so I'm going to share all of the recipes I've used and hints and tricks too! 

Spring is here in Eastern Washington! We used to live in Michigan (it's still Fa-reee-zing there)

Now we live here
Ok-well, not really HERE
 I don't take the early Springs here in Washington for granted. No-sir-eeeee.  I don't know what it is when the spring clocks move forward, and the little green buds appear on the lilacs and we get a day or two of warm weather. It's like I really thought it would never come back, seriously, and I feel SO THANKFUL!

Since Spring is finally back - I have come to realize that our deck is in need of MAJOR attention. It's bad. Real bad. I plan on repainting, hanging a repurposed and thrifted chandelier fitted with solar lights, sewing new covers for the chair cushions and creating a new roof cover for the play structure...and maybe a few other things. I'm excited to get the backyard back into shape.