Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rearranging Your Space

When I was growing up, I remember constantly rearranging our living room, my bedroom...I mean like one time a week...I have consistently done it to every rental, and then every house we owned after that. House 2 and 3 in Michigan had really weird layouts. So it was necessary if I added or took away furniture to move things around. They were vintage houses with doors in weird places and strange nooks...rearranging makes a space feel fresh and clean to me.

This house was built with functionality in mind. So my furniture, in pretty much all of the rooms, has only been in one spot. For 4 years. That's weird. Since I've been sort of wanting to do something, but not something messy, or time consuming...I thought this might be a good project for the day. 

This is what the family room looked like this morning (minus lego's, magnatiles, zoobs, books, balls...you get the picture).

There isn't really too much I can do, so I just flipped everything. What do you think?

 It feels much cleaner...although that could be because of the boat load of toys, shoes, magazines, dust bunnies, goldfish crackers and marbles I found under the couch. Seriously. I blame it on the boys that live here. 


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  1. Thanks sis now I want to rearrange my living room. ;)-