Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello Winter and I made something from Pinterest

Winter decided to arrive, apparently over the entire Pacific Northwest. Lucky us. I can't say I really mind, I just dread the drive to and from getting the kids from school, because either way I go, there is a big, giant hill, that sort of freaks me out. 

It is so pretty - the only rotten part I guess is that my chickens refuse to come out of their coop when it snows, which means I have to go to it. Brrrr.

 On to Pinterest - I have to make school lunches for my boys because their school doesn't offer a lunch program. Really I think it's better, because I can control what goes in to fuel their bodies - but let's face it. Cold lunch gets boring really fast.

I did a quick search on Pinterest for lunch ideas for kids. Holy Schma-goley, did I find some inspiration.


It's like decorating...for food! Apparently this whole Bento thing is big - the goal is to provide a healthy lunch with the right types of food (eg protein, fiber, fruit, etc) and with no waste (no baggies to throw away, no packaging). And, alot of effort apparently goes into it to make it cute and pretty. 

I had to try one! 

I think it turned out pretty well - the boys are excited about eating it. 

While I was scouring Pinterest for Bento ideas, I came across these energy ball's. I was looking for a snack that would fill up the kids after school, and be a tasty treat. Boy did I find it. These are SOOO yummy. I had a fresh coconut that I ground up (the boys were curious about what was inside one day) but other than that, I followed the directions to a T. I have to keep myself away from them...and hide them in the fridge. ahem.

After working so hard on the office (and just before that, sewing new duvet covers for the boys beds...and stenciling the bathroom), I was ready to take a mini break and see what else I could create without a paint brush.

Have you created anything from Pinterest lately?

Thanks for stopping by!

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