Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wing Progress

Yesterday I was able to make some serious progress on 1 of the wing chairs. I guess all it took was getting to it again. I was worried about how the wings were coming out, and then I decided that I'm not a professional upholsterer. And I don't care if they aren't perfect. I really don't. Nothing else is, why should I start here.

I haven't sewn the seat cushion yet, but this is what it was looking like after a fresh coat of paint on the legs and (most) of the fabric work done. But it didn't seem finished.

Who knew that the trickiest part wasn't re-upholstering it at all. It was putting in those darn nail head tack things...I couldn't find the strips. I had to use the individuals - enter imperfection at it's finest. But I'm LOVING it. 

Never mind the crooked ones I have to fix...I ran out of my 3 boxes (because I may or may not have smashed them into a holy mess). I think I'll move on to the next chair while I wait to get back to Hobby Lobby. 

How cool is that pillow on the chair? It's actually a burlap bag purchased for about $9 from Online Fabric Store. It took quite awhile to get it...(I figured they had to hand loom the burlap because it took about a month!). But I love it and wish I would have gotten one more for the other chair. They have other reproduction grain sacks too. How about this one? I just stuffed a regular pillow in it and folded over the back.

Now I'm really motivated to get that other chair done. But I'm remembering the MEEEELIONS of staples I had to pull out of the one above. Yuck.

I'm picking up some lamps from Craigslist today that I'm excited to show you tomorrow. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a cheap version of this - 

Pottery Barn Cole Task Lamp $149!!

I found a table lamp AND floor lamp ... ready for it? For $50 total! In that dark bronze color. Whoo Hoo!

See you tomorrow!

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