Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've sort of run out of steam the last few days. With volunteering at school, summer around the corner (am I the only one who isn't ready???) and regular non-decorating upkeep (this part isn't fun), I've been tired and haven't really wanted to get into any big projects. Well, I WANT to get into some projects. I just don't have the energy right now. 3 kids, 3 chickens, 1 get it. 

I have been making some little changes around the house, because I'm pretty sure I would lose my mind if I didn't do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. I relax with a paintbrush in my hand. 

I painted and stenciled the wall in the "powder room" this winter. But I just wasn't really liking it. So I went ahead and painted the shelves white. SO much better. Better. But not quite there yet. Do you ever have a room that you've redone, and you are happy-ish with it. But your not quite thrilled. That's where I am here. I'm thinking since I had such awesome luck with the bead board wallpaper (because you can't have enough bead board...right?) I might do it in here to brighten it up more. There is no natural light. And I'm not sure I love the stencil either.'s a bathroom. I don't spend a ton of time in here, so it's not really high on the list. It looks way gloomier in the photo that real life.

I played around with the gallery wall and added a clock. I also repainted all the baseboards in the hallway...they can nasty really fast in a house full of boys.
 I repainted the arches around the dining room. (Remember those giant swatches on the wall here?) It feels way calmer now that the wall connecting the arch to the kitchen doesn't have a wonky perfectly straight line where the Oyster Bay ended and the Grant Beige began. Unfortunately, it has made me start thinking about a new re-do for the already re-done dining room. Have I mentioned how much I LURVE Grant Beige? It's so calm. And clean. And not Beige at all.

And because one can never be too obsessed with bead board. I used up my roll in the kitchen. My goal is to paint those cabinets Alabaster by SW - someday. Not far away I hope. The bead board will look great with the white cabinets. I still need to trim that out. Plus, it will take us out of the cookie cutter zone for our neighborhood...that's a good thing (as Martha would say).

And finally, I've been working a ton on teaching this little girl to walk. She's getting so brave and starting to take steps by herself. She's still pretty wobbly, but she cruises like a pro. Today we celebrated by putting in her very first pigtails. And immediately taking them out because she WAS NOT happy about it. Oh well. I've got time. It is a mullet after all.

Hope some of you are still here :)


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  1. I'm here! I'm going to cover the back of my island and backsplashes in the kitchen with that wallpaper. You inspired me to go for it! from Rana