Friday, January 6, 2012

Me. Uh huh. Me?

Oh. My. Lucky. Stars. My hallway stripes got featured on Tatertot's and Jello. You know who Jen is, I'm sure. She has got a great blog and I'm pretty sure she's famous on the internet. She is even on that "Grow your blog" series with people like Miss Mustard Seed and the Nester. Yep. You know it. And she featured me (and some other really great bloggers). So now I get this fancy button to display on my blog. How exciting is that???

Seriously - I've been stalking her for like. Ever. No joke.

Hello to anyone stopping by from TT&J - and thanks Jen!
I hope you will become a follower.

(In other good news, I scored the COOLEST pendant light from GW today for $8 for the upcoming office takover makeover- I'll show you tomorrow).

xo - Chris


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