Thursday, May 30, 2013

Master Bathroom {Painting = Cleaning?)

I have a bad habit. Sometimes,  things just need a good scrubbing painting. Does that make sense?
It all started with me going to clean the master bathroom the other day. But before I knew it, I was slapping paint on the wall and thinking about new coordinating bath towels and dreaming of a new floor. It's a sickness really.
The bathroom still isn't clean. Or totally painted. But it's on my brain. Literally. I dreamt last night about going and buying paint (I remember the specific colors too) at Lowes. 
Yep. A Sickness. 
In the meantime, let's look at some nice, clean, already painted bathrooms and I'll show you what I'm thinking.

AM Dolce Vita
Decor Happy
I love all of these. I was thinking a light grey on the walls and a dark grey vanity, like the first picture, but I'm thinking white is the way to go. 

Decisions, decisions. And all I was supposed to do was clean it. 



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