Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decorating {Visual Noise}

I've been drawn to tone on tone for a while now, which, looking back now at the way I used to decorate, is a big deal...for me, anyway.

Mr FF used to always say he wanted white. WHITE. WHITE. White. And I would groannnn. I need bright green! Navy blue! Sunshine yellow! My house should be my rainbow!

And it living amongst the Skittles and Rainbow Brite's.

Don't believe me?

Oh...I cringe.
 I remember thinking I did such a great job with these rooms. 

And then one day, after having my 3rd baby, I sat quietly staring at the walls. And I groannned. But this time, it was too much. Too many. Too bright. Too much visual NOISE!

So began the quieting of our space.

Did you see how much quieter it got? 

I sometimes wander if I'll ever head back to the other side.

But for now, all of the noise I need comes from all of these...

xo- Chris

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  1. That's exactly where I am at right now....except I haven't repainted yet...:(......My entire house is mostly brown and dark and I'm so ready to lighten and neutralize it. Great post.....very inspiring....thanks!