Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's all coming together

Now that I straightened out my head and realized I can't stray too far from my true style (whatever that may be...shabby industrial farmhouse?) and feel normal about it, I got to work again in this room, that your sick of hearing about...but I'm knee deep in it and laundry, so you choose. 

Just a sneak peek for today - I worked all day on it yesterday, remembering I had fabric and curtains stashed throughout the house, that I think I'm successfully pulling together in here. Time will tell. 

 The faux silk curtains scream shabby chic...they aren't reading true in the picture - but there is a pink stripe in there that seems to work in the room. The turquoise isn't nearly as bright as the picture shows. It's actually very pale and soft - weird.

The step stool is thrifted from goodwill last week. The dresser I just picked up off of craigslist and had planned to paint it white, but I'm realizing it adds warmth to the room, and avoids the whole matchy matchy problem.

 The pale pink (Pink Moire -BM) complements the turquoise well...those mirrors are only 16.99 at my local Target, regular price!

I started sewing new pillow covers today...and am hoping that the Ebay gods work in my favor and I get some shabby chic bedding that pulls the whole thing together. I'm excited to get this room done...because I still have a nursery to work on! Yikes!!

Till next time!


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  1. Love the room. The curtains fit the room perfectly.