Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreaming of a pretty office

I've been working on my own subway sign...using the super easy peasy transfer paper method, but I've run into a problem with one of my paint even though everyone has done this...and are moving on, I still want one. A big one. But issues sometimes come up. So in the meantime I've moved on to another project I've been thinking about how inefficient our office is lately. It's the dumping ground...which is unfortunate because it has glass doors, and there is no hiding the mess. My husband and I both use it, so it needs to be an organized space but it's anything but that right now. 

I have been drooling over these incredible office spaces lately.
Emily @ Jones Design Company
I pretend Emily is my long lost red headed sister adore Jones Design Company. She lives in Washington too - though I think on the rainy side of the state. She has exquisite taste and the ability to even stage an office. Which to me is like climbing Mt to make function pretty...and, btw, where are all of her cords (and dust bunnies and random cd's and piles of paper)? How do you hide those? I must know. Emily's space is really similar to mine as far as layout and glass doors...except she gets a closet. No such luck in my room.

The 36th Avenue
Look at this clever space. I love the colors. I already have a nice khaki wall color and was thinking stripes (I know, I've done stripes. But only upstairs in the hallway. And the office and hallway don't see each other, so they won't know. She has the nice clean simplicity I'm looking for. But let's get real. Check out her pictures for real life, complete with random sock and stuff on the floor (just like my house). Love her space.

Both of these spaces remind me of the airyness (??) and comfortableness of Layla and Kevin's reading room/guest bedroom (makeover #1).
The Lettered Cottage
So I think if I combine all three of these, I can make something of my own....after my subway sign is finished of course (that's for Mister who will read this and remind me...1 project at a time. Whatev.).

Seriously. Why isn't anyone else drowning in office cords? 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like what you see and "follow" me - :)

xo - Chris 


  1. I was at Costco yesterday and they have some NICE furniture at decent prices. A wall shelf unit/room divider thing for $199 and it would look great in an office. It was a darker wood but I think it would ground a room with lighter colors and keep it from being too feminine for hubby. You should go take a look. Rana

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