Friday, August 30, 2013

Slipcovering {Ballet} Flats

I am seriously in LOVE with these shoes you guys!

I would seriously give my right pinky toe for either of these. But, although Joyfolie makes shoes in my size, they don't make these shoes in my size. Apparently my feet have grown one and a half sizes with baby #4 (not that my growing feet would have mattered). What's that about anyway? 

While droooooling over these beauties, it occurred to me that while I cannot have those shoes, I can make something of my own, to fit my ginormous feet, that are almost equally as cute. With no sewing, and only supplies I had on hand.

 Although my passion is decorating (and redoing and redoing) my house, I made a to do list and promised myself that I wouldn't start any new house projects until everything was done this seemed like a good craft to start at 9:30 at night that wouldn't wake anyone up. 

Here's my sneak peek

And I'm totally going to share how I remade some old ballet flats into these customized beauties with little more than glue...ohhhhh yeahhhhh. 

But my goal is to get to 105 likes on my  Freckle Face Girl Facebook page. And I'm already at 98. 

So come on and give the page a thumbs up!! And I will share my DIY ballet flat slipcover project with YOU! And you will have the prettiest, cutest, one-of-a-kind big girl shoes on the whole block!


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  1. Sorry I'm anonymous, it was the only option I could take, but I wanted so much to say thanks for your amazing blog!