Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School and a Sign

Today was the day...

My boys headed off to school. 1st and 3rd and I can hardly believe it. They are ready and I'm ready, but it makes me sad that another year will sneak by while we are busy with homework and brushing teeth and learning lessons...

The first two days are half just enough time to pull the downstairs together and then go get them again...and make a sign. 

While mowing the lawn last week I noticed this perfectly good piece of weathered wood in our fire pit. Who would throw out such a beauty you ask? Me too...(hus-ahem-band). Lost his mind I tell ya! So I quickly snatched it out of the pile and put it on my counter. Where it sat like this for a week...

What can I say...

After I put the little down for a nap and cleaned the kitchen, I decided it was time to get it finished...out came the white Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I printed off the letters from the computer, but because the background is white, I couldn't use my tracing I had to wing it. 
Which didn't work out perfectly. But I'm still pretty happy that the naked spot above the window is feeling a little less naked...

MFF (Mister Freckle Face) asked what projects I was going to get started on after the kids are in school full time. Let's face it, I've got a limited time since my belly increases in size daily...seriously. 

But I do have plans for a certain ceiling...and a certain laundry room may get some cute new shelves. And I need to get to work on the little's new room as she moves to the playroom, to make room for the newest little. And I need to actually finish nursery...more to post on that this week I hope!!
Thanks for stopping by...I hope to see you again!!


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  1. I think it turned out so cute! Love it...I'm making signs with all the scrap wood my husband has lying around too. It's fun, easy & they look great around the yard & home.
    Saw you sharing at It's So Cheri's party
    Debbie :)

  2. So cute, thanks for sharing at my party! -K