Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Card Catalog Inspired Dressers {Boys Bedroom}

I've been waiting until I had the time to write up a "DIY" post on my card catalog inspired dressers - and that's just not going to happen right now, so instead of waiting another week, I'm going to at least show you what I've done.

 But just so you know - these were REALLY easy. A little bit of paint, some Rub 'n Buff and a few clearance drawer pulls and they are done!

Here they are before - when I had cabinets stacked on them. They don't look very terrible in this picture, but they were scuffed and marked and just overall pretty awful looking. One had a broken drawer and of course, mismatched knobs.

And after (with way too many pictures of dressers):

I know I could win the award for most drawn out room reveal. Sorry about that! Once my mind starts swirling with new creative ideas, I start doing things all around the house. It's chaos really.

What do you think? Did I pull off the card catalog inspiration? 

xo- Chris
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  2. Love the room! Can you tell me what color you painted the dressers? I would love to do the same thing for my son. Thanks!