Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Hint of Grey {Painting a Bathroom Cabinet}


Apparently "tomorrow" means "next week or whenever I get around to it" to me. Sorry. Spring Break meant 4 children needing to be entertained, fed, cleaned up after...and a trip out of town had been planned too. Then it was my oldest boy's 9th birthday. NINE. Can. Not. Believe.

Anyway - I had complained a while back that the kids bathroom vanity was getting dinged up and I had been planning on painting it a creamy white. Alabaster by SW is what I used in the kitchen and I had planned on using it in the bathroom too. 

Then an idea hit me. I already had a can of SW Repose Gray from my master closet redo. So, why not break all of the rules and go ahead and use it on the vanity. 

Here is the awful, horrible way over exposed picture I took when I remembered that these are things I should probably take pictures of. What's a good after if there is no before?

 And here are the afters.

I think it looks so much better. Some other things I've done in there, and apparently never documented, are painting the walls SW SeaSalt, which is probably the most accurate color wise in the last picture. I replaced the builder's light globes with seeded glass from Lowes, which sends little sparkly shadows all over the room. The rug and wire towel holder (actually a flower box) are from Big Lots. The shower curtain I thrifted but it's from the Target Shabby Chic line.

All that is left to do is get some knobs on those cabinets so little fingers don't eventually wear the paint. I also am planning on getting a frame built for that mirror. And building shelves above the toilet that are more than 9 inches deep! At the rate I'm going, it will be done next year
Another finished project. Progress is progress, I'll take it!


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