Thursday, November 1, 2012

Awesome Ana White {and our Lydia Daybed)

When I first started thinking about moving Caroline into her own room, I started thinking about bed options. She won't quite be 2 yet when #4 comes. This baby is due the day after Caroline's birthday, BUT, I have always delivered a month early (thanks Cholestasis of Pregnancy).

I thought about buying another crib until she was ready for a big bed. The idea of buying something that we will only use for maybe another year wasn't sounding great. I figured we can keep her in her crib since the baby will be in our bedroom for quite awhile. BUT, I wanted to have a bedroom ready for her, with a bed that I could slowly transition her into. 

I decided that the IKEA Hemnes daybed was the way to go. It's cute, and would grow with no need to buy something different in another year. 

 Since I enjoy being frugal, I decided to only buy it when I had sold enough stuff that we didn't need anymore via Craigslist, until I had enough money to get the bed ($399), plus the mattress (~$200-ish). 
 But the more I thought about it, the more that seemed like alot of money to spend on a little bed, when I had never spent that much on the boys beds. Plus with another baby on the way, I didn't want to throw that much money at one thing for only one child. Make sense? And I didn't have anything else we weren't using to sell, and only had about $200. Hmmmm.

And then I remembered Ana White and her awesome plans that I had seen on tons of other blogs. And then the sky opened up and angels sang and ... well, you get the idea. I found this daybed plan, based off of a Pottery Barn version.

Ana White Lydia Daybed Plans
 I quickly dragged my husband to the computer and made him ready the plans, while reareassuringly saying "WE can do this, RIGHT???? ". And by WE, I mean HE. And by RIGHT I mean let's go to the store right now and buy the supplies so you can devote many weekends between football to this project. 

We had a Lowes giftcard for $100 that we hadn't used yet (thanks Dad!) and off we went. YAHOO! It was just barely over $100. Can't beat that!

I didn't really have anything to do with the process. I did go out in the garage and give my professional opinion a few times...the directions were pretty great and it didn't seem to be difficult. The difficult part was that it is football season...

It turns out taking pictures of the bed just don't do it justice...but here she is, in all her cute bed glory.

This is the bedding I talked about sewing here.

 Can you even stand the cute little scallops?

 What I love about this daybed style is that eventually it can be off of the wall because there isn't a typical daybed back on it. 
 And I love that her daddy made it just for her. Here she is being pancake baby. She looks so little in it! 

I am now on a hunt for little ball finials to put on the corners. 

Have you built anything from Ana White? 


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  1. What a great little bed! You guys did and amazing job on it. I'm sure she loves it! Thank you for sharing. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House which goes live at 8am CST on Monday. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  2. At first I thought she was a doll then realized oh that is the baby in there. I only have one but one thing I would do over is get a toddler type of bed. I moved my daughter into a trundle bed when she was 3. At first I kept the crib too till she seemed to just want the big girl bed. Then when I dismantled the crib she wouldn't stay in her bed and I had problems for years. You and your husband are so talented. I was drawn to your post from the bedding. So adorable!

  3. Finally got to your blog to check it out! This bed is incredible, I love that your husband made it, and I love that it doesn't have the daybed back, like you mentioned, so it can stand off the wall someday. Going to get my husband on a project like this soon!!!

  4. SO CUTE
    I'll be happy if you have a look into my blog too =)

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