Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Copy cat, dirty rat

Have any of you seen these draftsman stools ALL over the home magazines and internet? 
Mill Valley contemporary living room
Via Houzz

Vintage Toledo stool's and their copy cat cousins have taken over my mind. No. Seriously. I had been wishing. and hoping. and dreaming. and wishing. But good gravy, they are EXPENSIVE...with super caps. At least to me. I really wanted them, but I was going to get a bargain. It just took a little while (and, ahem,  3 pairs of temporary place holder stools). GAME ONNNNNN (remember that movie?).
Woodside Residence eclectic kitchen
Via Houzz

I looked back to my old Cottage Living magazines (oh how I miss thee) and found them there too - and some of those are from 2004...so I know this isn't a trend. I love the industrial look, mixed with old and new.  And I couldn't think of how these could look bad in my kitchen...so the hunt began....

via Restoration Hardware $315
Yeahhhhh. That's not going to happen. But dang it if I wasn't going to find an identical match because these made my heart sing.
Wisteria - currently on sale for $95!
Cost Plus World Market - currently on sale for $99
And then...it happened. I found them. I had a brilliant idea to check Overstock - because it seems like they have been following a lot of trends (wait...didn't I say this wasn't a trend?) lately and have great prices. Cue violin music here. Because they kept selling out. Oh, and they were a little pricey. They were about $120 when I found them (each). Currently they are on sale for about $116. While doing Xmas shopping, smart google taunted me by showing pictures of them in the sidebars. I clicked the picture to see if they were available and they were!!! Cue southern choirs singing...I immediately ordered them. Did I mention that furniture was 20% off ANNNNND I had a coupon. So I paid $80 per stool, no shipping (holiday promotion) and they arrived all put together in 2 days. Wanna see??? Huh, wanna? Oh, alright. 

 They look just like them, right?
Apartment Therapy
 I may not have the perfect evening lighting and fireplace in  my kitchen. But I think they look just as good. And they are cozy, and as an extra bonus, the boys can have swivel races with the tops. Uh huh. That's what I'm talking about. Multi purpose furniture. 

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  1. So I'm still getting the old stools right?

  2. I like yours way better than the shiny ones or the ones with metal seats. You go girl! Rana

  3. They look great in your kitchen. I like your kitchen too, very similar to mine. Must be a builder thing. Ha!

  4. OMGoodness, these are the exact stools I want! I am looking them up right now, with fingers crossed. I looked through your projects, looks like you're going to have quite the blog on your hands! Your beginning projects are already way awesome!! Looking forward to seeing where you go from here and an extra big thanks for the overstock tip!

  5. Thanks so much Becca for the nice comment! If the stools aren't available, just put yourself on the email waiting list. I went through that twice. The first time, they sold back out in like 5 minutes. The second time was the charm. Good luck!! FreckleFaceGirl

  6. I love those stools! I'm so into industrial everything right now. They look perfect.