Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little (Big) Girls Room

About a million years ago (in blog time), I posted  this little turquoise and coral / pink update that I was working on in little girls room. I also posted this and this inspiration photo. And then I never posted anything again. What was the reason?? Umm. There wasn't one. I sort of just walked away. 

Now that a new little is on the way, Caroline will be moving out of her nursery and into what was formerly the playroom and formerly formerly Hayden's room. I painted it Swimming Sea Turtle (ColorPlace) when I transformed it into the playroom - it never made the blog, and I don't think I even took pictures. But man was it cute. And my kids refused to play in there...unless I sat in the room with them. What's that about anyway?

So now it will become a little girls big girl room - I love the colors from my inspiration photo, and like the Bohemian touches. I had actually just found and purchased the inspiration photo crib sheet from Serena and Lily here  on Amazon . It still seemed expensive for a baby sheet, but not expensive compared to how much it cost on the SandL website. I think it will now be made into pillows to break up the sea of coral I've already got going on. 

I plan on taking the elements from the inspiration photo out of the nursery and into her big girl room with her. The nursery will go back to a serene and calm nursery...but more on that later. 

Here's my inspiration for the new room -

Ana White Lydia Daybed

The room has board and batten that I did several years ago but it's needing a new coat of paint. The upper walls need a fresh coat as well - for never playing in the playroom, it sure looks played in. Ick.  

Mister is in progress of making the adorable daybed and it will be painted white. I can't wait!

So, here's hoping this isn't another abandoned nursery project...I'm 6 months pregnant now! I keep reminding myself that I have babies a month early, so the clock is tickin'! 


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