Friday, September 27, 2013

Starting {Finishing}

This post isn't full of beautiful before and after shots (ok, well, as beautiful as my terrible camera can take). There are no staged and altered and pretty-fied photos. There is no fun DIY project. There is no gluing and sewing and cozy-ing and fluffing. It's real. The stuff you'd see if you walked in my door at this very minute. Instead of saying "where does she find the time to do all of that", you will say "why doesn't she find the time to finish all of that".
I've been plugging away at my "to do list". To be honest, I can't actually remember where I put it...but I do remember what I put on it. 

 Painting the upstairs hallway ceiling was on the list (and has been for 5 years...ahem). I have told myself (many times) that Fall would be the best time to do it, so I'm not sweating like a hippo while I do it. Then, every Fall, I quietly move on to fun projects. That don't involve ceilings. Because I hate painting ceilings.

I also told myself and any one else that would listen, that after our last few houses, I would NEVER be painting ceilings. Again. Ever. 


If I would have gotten in on the design process when this house was being built, things would have been A LOT different. Like, no flat pink pig tan paint (look it up, that for sure has to be the name of the color) throughout the entire blasted house, including ceilings. Yuck.
The good news is, I've started to finish. I've started to finish the master closet that I started way back in February.

I've started to finish the master bath that I started right after I started the master closet (that I didn't finish). 

I've started to finish the ceiling in this room that was finished until I started to change the light...

I've started to finish the last piece of trim in the kiddo's bathroom.

And I've started to start to finish the upstairs hall ceiling that I have put off starting for 5 years (for fear it wouldn't be finished).

 And while I was starting to finish that, I started to really finish other things I started to never finish. 

It's a creative thing.

xo- Chris



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